Favorite Links

Here are a few of my favorite links

Below are listed some Hot Pics of talented people that can get the job done and make your world a better place. They are true professionals as well as really good people that are blessed with a tremendous gift called talent and have a passion for what they do! Each has taken care of me so that I can be the best that I can be, I would encourage you to let them take care of you too...

Web Site Design:
NC WebPros
Ask for Reggie Byrum
(704) 236-0897

For someone who makes a living in the world of design and creates things using my eyes, I was blind as a bat when it came to web design!!! Reggie led, guided, and quite honestly held my hand through the entire process without letting go or missing a beat, not even once. Besides having great multi-tasking people skills, Reggie's talent is the reason Timeless Creations is able to come to you for your viewing pleasure.

Interior Design:
Dina Lowery Studio of Design
Ask for Dina

Dina is an amazing interior designer. No project too big or small for this Gal. I have worked with Dina as her go-to artist/faux finisher,( included in her" dream team" of folks), on countless projects over the past 12 years. I have had the pleasure of a front row seat seeing her hit it out of the park Every Time! She is a true professional and visionary that will make your design experience one big fun adventure!

Interior Design:
Lavender Trussel
Ask for Lisa Snyder

If you need guidance, this is the designer for you. From color consultation to finding that one perfect thing to pull off the space you need help with, she can make it happen. Sometimes the home or office just needs a face-lift, like restaging. For over a decade I have seen Lisa be fabulous at these things and much, Much more. The English language doesn't have enough good words to describe this lady, so I may have to add learning a new language to my personal "To-Do" list!

Custom Home 360
Ask for Carl Williams

Carl and his team's painted areas are always finished to perfection. He does a great job at a fair price. If I have a wall, ceiling, floor or furniture project that needs to be base painted, I call Carl. After all, I know with my work I can't have a perfect ending result unless there is a perfect beginning!

Wall Paper:
Mullis Brothers Wallcovering
Ask for Ashley Mullis

For over a decade I have seen Ashley at work on countless project sites throughout the Carolinas. In my opinion there is no one more professional, skilled or fast at wallpaper patch, repair, application or removal than Ashley! Every person, client and designer I have ever referred him to has said the same and use his excellent service time and time again which includes myself.

Overall Wellness: Overall wellness is essential to being able to be the best person, parent, daughter, son, or professional you can be. That means occasionally taking a time-out to care for yourself. These are some folks that are very gifted that can deliver exactly that!

Spray Rayz Tanning
Ask for Nina

Nina makes it fun and easy to look your very best all year round! This mobile spray tanning service is great to have on call and on wheels. What a healthy, convenient, carefree way to tan. Besides, who better to know about a quality tan look than a Jersey Girl...Thanks Nina!

Eye Care:
First Choice Eye Care 
Ask for anyone, they're all great!

Needless to say, my eyesight is very important to me for many reasons. Preventive and maintenance of good eye care is important. These are the "Go-To" folks my family and many friends enjoy.

Gonstead Chiropractic
Ask for Dr. Rich Benjamin

What a great team of talented and caring professionals! Dr .B, (Dr.Rich Benjamin), is the man who heads up this great group of folks and is truly a miracle worker. He's honest and doesn't cut you any slack because he cares about getting you out of his office and onto living your Best life as pain and carefree as possible. I guess I became a lil' twisted after I was born and Dr. B is determined to straighten me out!

Entertainment: It's said that Music is good medicine for the soul. If that's true than we have all had a dose of this group of gifted musicians and you've already experienced a "healing"! The intoxicating easy jazz sounds that opened up this web site were 'As One'. These talented entertainers have also opened for the Charlotte Bobcats at the arena, Charlotte Coliseum as well as many other venues. I'm pleased to call Scott a friend and I'm a fan too!

'AS ONE' contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ask for Scott Lee

The title of the song is "Big Lee". I wrote it as homage to my late father James E. Lee jr.
A man of few words but strong character and a heart of gold. The music is performed by 'AS ONE'
Featuring: Kevin Taylor-Keys
Antoine Bouler-Drums
Anthony Gardin-Bass
Scott Lee-Trombone
Ready to perform with Excellence at your Party, Wedding, or Special Event.